Dr. Umar Johnson Considers Separation As A Viable Way To Empower The Black Community

By Victor Ochieng

The world has people who choose to do things differently. The typical example of this category of people is the Orthodox Jews, a group that in many cases has chosen to keep off several things that are considered the norm by the rest of the society.

Dr. Umar Johnson believes that’s the best way for the Black community to go, explaining that it’s the channel through which Black people can develop self-love.

The psychologist is concerned about the high level of hatred Black people have towards one another.

If Black people don’t do something about it, the situation is likely to worsen. This is because the rest of the world is happy with the way things are as such are slavery tactics. With such internal conflicts, it’s not going to be possible for the Black community to come to an agreement and make positive resolutions on political affiliations, s*xual lifestyles among other relevant decisions.

Dr. Johnson, a Pan-Africanist psychologist, has sparked conversations surrounding the Black man. He asks what the Black man stands for? Are Black men straight or gay? What’s his role? Why are several Black families getting broken and Black fathers abandoning their families? What’s the role of the Black church when it comes to building the economically empowering the community? When is the police going to stop using Black people as their target for practice?

Dr. Johnson isn’t happy with the way the Black community is functioning right now. He believes his orthodox policies would work to help the Black community. In fact, he says the statistics being given about the Black community aren’t true; he believes the situation is worse than is being projected. When it comes to unemployment, he says the statistics don’t give a true picture because it’s measured only on people who’re both living at home and are active in their job search. Over the past 40 years, the number of Black men behind bars has gone very high, with Black men being sentenced to prison sentences at a rate six times that of white men.

Dr. Johnson has also spoken several times about the Black woman and the challenges she faces. He’s mentioned some of the popular lifestyles Black women embrace that only work to destroy and divide the Black community.

Just like Judaism, a religion that has been around for thousands of years yet still remains united and strong, Dr. Umar is rallying for the preservation of the Unorthodox Black culture, so that they can live a separate life but in co-existence with the rest of the world just like the Jewish people.

Dr. Johnson is keen on ensuring that Black people are taught Black values and lifestyle from birth. He believes a clear understanding of who a Black person is and what Black people stand for is a great way to build a strong and undivided society.