Hobby Lobby President Planning to Open $800M Bible Museum

Reported by Nigel Boys

After his victory in the courts over the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), the president of Hobby Lobby, Steve Green, decided that he would pursue his Christian faith further and help people to understand the Bible by opening a museum.

Although Green’s planned Museum of the Bible will cost around $800 million and will feature such Biblical artifacts as fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls and cuneiform tablets, some scholars are worried that it will portray a narrow interpretation of Scripture.

In a recent interview, Green stated that his idea is to present Biblical content to everyone, from those who have virtually no knowledge of the Bible to those who have studied it with enthusiasm. He added that the vast array of artifacts he intends to use in his construction of the eight-story, 430,000-square-foot museum near the nations Capitol should contain something for everyone’s tastes.

The Southern Baptist and chairman of the museum’s board went on to say that he would include other items in the museum, if they were proved to be Biblically relevant. He added that even if a new artifact was discovered that went against his beliefs, he would include it in the collection, if it was proven to be genuine.

Green plans to open the museum sometime in 2017 in the restored refrigeration warehouse at the Washington Design Center and it is planned to feature over 40,000 rare biblical texts and artifacts. Some of the technological marvels that visitors can expect to see are a floor-to-ceiling interactive media wall and a high-definition sensory ride featuring “dynamic encounters with world changing people, places and events,” named a “Drive Through History.”

In the area devoted to the Bible’s impact on today’s society, scholars are concerned that Green’s museum will only feature the interpretation of God’s Word from a Protestant point of view. However, the museum will also feature other artifacts, including the earliest known form of a Jewish prayer book, first editions of the King James Bible and the world’s largest collection of Christian Palestinian Aramaic scrolls in the language closest to that which Jesus spoke.

While waiting for Green’s museum to open in 2017, people can experience his traveling display called “Passages” which is now in Springfield, Missouri. The exhibit features a Noah’s Are experience for children and several holograms that re-enact Biblical occurrences as well as around 400 other artifacts.