Eddie Long’s Right Hand Man Resigns, Insists Long is Innocent: Says God is “rewarding me” for Loyalty

Bishop Terrell Murphy, one of the right hand men for Bishop Eddie Long, is leaving New Birth Charlotte after 10 years at the head of the church.   Eddie Long himself chose Murphy to lead the church.

Murphy is planning to head off to start his own church. The church will be called Life Center International.   Services will begin in August.

Murphy says that Long’s personal problems, including allegations of inappropriate conduct with young boys, had nothing to do with his decision to resign.

“That’s really not the case,” Murphy said. “The time the shift would have been during it – because there was a lot I encountered. There was a lot that came against me and towards me.”

Murphy said that when he heard about the scandal involving Bishop Long, he prayed about it and was as shocked as everyone else.  He also says that he doesn’t believe the four young men who say that they’ve been traumatized by Long’s behavior.

“There’s so much that goes on with people with great acclaim,” Murphy said. “And status. always people taking shots at them.”

Long initially promised to reveal all details about the case to his congregation, but later reneged on his promise.  He settled the civil suit behind closed doors and ended up paying millions to the young men who’d accused him.  Critics say that if there was nothing to hide, Long would not have wanted the details of the case to be kept private.

Murphy thinks that he is being rewarded by God for standing strong with Bishop Long.

“I believe this is rewarding me,” the pastor said. “Increasing me and moving me into something new and He is saying well done thy good and faithful servant.”

Murphy also says that he would like for Long to come and speak to his congregation in the future.

“There is a lot that is in him that the body of Christ needs to glean from,” Murphy said. “And if we are in a place we believe he has a key to help us do what we are doing – then we’ll do it.”



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