Erica Campbell Fan Calls “Trap Gospel” Song a Joke

erica campbellReported by Liku Zelleke

Erica Campbell of the gospel duo Mary Mary has a solid following from her successful solo career, and she is a star in her own right. Her works have won her awards and a loyal fan following who swear by her music. Yet, her latest work seems to have ruffled some feathers and has not been as hotly accepted as she had anticipated.

Campbell recently released a new album entitled 2.0, and there is one song in particular that has social media abuzz — “I Luh God.” It is a song which comes with a new beat that she’s calling “Trap Gospel.”

The song starts out with Campbell saying, “I luh God, you don’t luh God? … What’s wrong with you?” Then the beat picks up, and for the most part, all that can be heard is “I luh him!” over and over again.

It’s safe to say that the response from the public has been one of disappointment.

One fan posted online, “Wow, is this what The Gospel of Jesus Christ has come to? Is this what worship has come to? Be not conformed to this world but be yea transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Another said this was what you get “when gospel singers take it too far.” Yet another critic said, “This got to be a joke or prank smh.”

Needless to say, there are still some diehard Campbell fans who still love her music. “I love that Gospel can be diverse,” said one fan.

“U can turn up for Jesus,” said another. “God judges your heart not the beat the track was laced on.”

A fan who was looking to the future said, “This song is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s reaching outside of the 4 walls and seeking to reach those with a different walk of life. This song is a draw and it may not be for everybody… but I like it and I can already see the potential.”

Take a listen and judge for yourself.