Exactly How Should A Christian Woman Dress? Beyonce’s GQ Cover

Ayvaunn Penn, All Christian News

The internet is brimming with the newly-released, potential GQ cover for the February issue. Proudly yet flirtatiously poised and coiffed on the cover is none other than a nearly naked Beyonce — acclaimed music artist, mother, and…Christian. I wonder if Mama Knowles is responsible for designing this outfit along with all the other racy ones she is known for putting her daughter in. More importantly, is it okay for Christian women to walk around in public half naked?

When Queen B was a guest on The Tyra Banks Show a couple of years back, the supermodel host confronted her on the way she dresses alongside her open claim to Christianity. Beyonce told Banks that, yes, she is a Christian, but she is also a superstar, and she must dress like a superstar. The public may conclude that “superstar” means little to no clothing. Perhaps this rule is the secret code that applies to many Christian females who are also secular music artists.

Beyonce is not the only scantily dressed singer who not only claims Christianity but grew up with a father who was a church leader. Jessica Simpson grew up as a preacher’s kid, yet she, too, graced the public eyes with her exposed breasts and thighs. Katy Perry is not far behind. The same two factors apply to her — at least the part about her father being in service to the church as a leader.

How should a Christian woman dress in public? Not like Beyonce on the potential cover of GQ. Not like Katy Perry tends to or how Jessica Simpson did “in her day.” In the Bible in the book of Matthew, the scriptures say that it is better that a man not even touch a woman. Even if a man so little as lusts after a woman, he has committed adultery with her in his heart. Some women would say that they can’t help what goes through a man’s mind. This is true. However, there are consequences. As my Sunday school teacher once told the girls in my class during a similar discussion,  “You are right. You can wear whatever you want. Just know that what you wear sends a message.” Whenever a woman goes in public with all of her goods on display, she is sending the signal — whether she intends to or not — that she wants sexual attention from the opposite sex. It is a fact that men are visually stimulated, and there is no running from that. With that in mind, a Christian woman must ask herself if it is morally right or wrong to solicit something that God has stated in His Word is sinful. I believe it is. What do you think?

There’s no confirmation yet on whether Beyonce’s photo will indeed be the official cover of GQ’s February 2013 issue.


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