Having A Fearless ‘Can-Do’ Spirit

By Kimberly Hudson-Grey

Recently my husband and I adopted two kittens, brothers Rascal and Chill. Their names fit their personality to a tee, particularly Rascal. From the moment we brought him home, he began to excitedly explore his new surroundings, hopping from room to room, behind doors, under the bed, and in my plants. He always appeared to be thinking “what can I get into next, what can I learn about this place?” Danger or fear never occurred to him unlike his brother who frequently hid behind the sofa. When he was small, he would look up at a high point he wanted to jump to. We would marvel and laugh observing him calculate the distance, speed, and exertion required to make it to his destination. He weighed his options and he dreamed big. Sometimes he’d try at that present time or wait for a more appropriate time. But, he would eventually try. Over time, observing Rascal’s fearless can do spirit provides my husband and me with many conversations about how his actions can be an inspiration to us all. Even though he’s a cat, he’s also one of God’s creations. He has that type of unshakable faith in his abilities that we as believers are supposed to have. A real “I can do all things…” type of faith.

There are many things in life to be afraid of. However, fear of stepping out on faith to fulfill a dream, goal or destination should be out of the question. This type of fear is draining and unproductive. Draining because it causes unnecessary anxiety – depleting you of your energy. Unproductive because fear keeps you frozen in place, stagnant. You’re hoping to move forward but you’re really going nowhere fast because time waits for no one. So what should you do to have a Fearless Can Do Spirit?

  • Excitedly Explore – Get out of your comfort zone and out of your familiar surroundings. Oftentimes seeing and being exposed to new things can dramatically increase your confidence. Examine your inner thoughts. Think of all the goals you wish you were accomplishing. All of the dreams that you have for yourself. Where do you envision yourself? Do you wish to have your own business, providing for yourself on your own terms?  If you know you have a business idea within you then you have work to do to get the ball rolling.
  • Learn – Educate yourself about your interests. If you want to travel abroad then read up on that destination. See if there’s a meetup group near you about that culture. For your business, there are many resources that offer business courses. Degrees and Certifications are available but not always necessary. Surround yourself with positive influences and learn from those who are willing to share their expertise and experiences.The idea is the more knowledgeable you are the less apprehensive you’ll be.
  • Calculate – How much effort are you willing to put into your vision? How much do you really want it? You may witness some individuals who seem to have a cake walk life. But do you really know what they had to endure, plan, miss out on in order to make it where they are? Decide if you’re willing to do what it takes. Needless to say, when the word calculate is involved, there’s probably going to be money involved as well. If that’s an issue, again there are resources.
  • Dream Big – Imagine yourself successful. Get clarity of your goal, map it out, and visualize it. Forget about limiting yourself, don’t be fearful, and don’t let it be the determining reason not to move forward. If you’re limiting yourself through negative self-talk then perhaps mentoring or life coaching may be needed to access the reasons why. Limit or discontinue communication with dream killers. Not everyone will support you or acknowledge your potential. Practice imagining yourself having extraordinary success. Your success is just as attainable as anyone else’s.
  • Try – Instant success isn’t promised. And failure will just sharpen your skills and add to your knowledge for the next time around. An unfortunate situation would be if you’re one day saying to yourself, “I wish I had” or I should have.” Whether you just like to dip your toe in or jump straight in, make the effort. Having faith in yourself is great but faith without works is dead. A successful business that’s just in your head is in reality non-existent.

Check this out – one day Rascal was being exceptionally brave. He attempted to make a leap from a storage container to the kitchen table, where he’s not allowed anyway. Nevertheless, he tried, missed his target and hit the table. At first, we were concerned that he hurt himself, but he just walked it off undeterred. No doubt he’ll try something daring again. No doubt we should all have unshakeable faith in carrying out the gifts we’ve been given and the dreams we wish to fulfill. Strive for a fearless “can do” spirit and don’t be shocked by the outcome.

Kimberly Hudson-Grey is an entrepreneur and international traveler. Follow her on Twitter @kimthevisionary. You can reach her by email at kim@manifestingyou.orghttp://www.manifestingyou.org/