Former Witch Says Antichrist Agenda Has Taken Over the Church

By Victor Ochieng

Anyone who’s been keenly following the events of today’s church knows too well that something is seriously wrong. The church needs redemption. Some dark spirit has entered many churches and taken full control, driving people to hell instead directing them to Christ Jesus. Were it not for that dark spirit, we would not be seeing prosperity gospel at the pulpit; we would not be seeing s*xual immorality in the church; we would not be seeing pastors embezzling church money and going unpunished; and we would not be seeing pastors living lavish lifestyles at the expense of their poor parishioners.

If that dark spirit wasn’t there, the church would be focused on preaching the message of the cross, the Mighty Blood of Jesus Christ.

Beth Eckert, an ex-witch, is in agreement that something is wrong with the church, the institution that should be the bride of Christ. She says an Antichrist agenda is now in the church and its aim is to cause maximum destruction ahead of the glorious coming of our LORD and savior Jesus Christ.

Feeling concerned about this unfortunate development, she shared a message on how this is happening and how the church can fight it in an effort to restore purity in worship.

Why has Satan chosen the church? Well, Eckert says it’s because it’s the place where he can run his agenda in the least suspected way. That’s where Lucifer has hidden his agenda for thousands of years, choosing to set up his throne in the church.

Setting up the throne of Satan in “church” started with the removal of the Word of God from the public spheres, especially in government institutions. This was done under the justification that the government should remain neutral because citizens subscribe to different forms of worship. Power and authority were then bestowed to political leaders and individuals holding lofty positions in government. This was done so that men, and not Jesus, would take preeminence in the lives of many. As a result, respected and adoration was directed towards presidents, kings and, for subscribers to the Catholic church, the Pope, for salvation and redemption.

Right from the 1950s, a new age of human programming was hatched. The message preached in churches was laced with elements of Satanic worship. This was done in a very subtle way, so as to escape those who may have opposed it. The new world order began to spread across the world, taking full control of the message shared at the pulpit. This involved twisting of scriptures to entertain sin. Faithful and influential spiritual leaders were then targeted, asked to subscribe to the new world order and sent across the globe in powerful missions.

To ensure that the abomination continued in succeeding generations, children born after the establishment of the Anti-Christ agenda in the church were dedicated to the Satanic worship.

To overcome this, the church must go back to preaching the Blood of Jesus and purity of worship. It’s only through the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus that the church can be redeemed, lest this current church remains hell-bound.