Franklin Graham Confuses Donald Trump’s Clear Glorification Of White Supremacy With Christianity

By Victor Ochieng

United States President Donald Trump managed to convince Christians, especially white evangelicals that he was the most suited to fight for their rights. He campaigned on the moral platform, particularly when addressing the Christian voting block. When Trump wasn’t appealing to Christian America, we all know the things he used to say, and they weren’t good.

However, the church chose to ignore all other things Trump said, only choosing to listen to the message he had for them.

After Trump took office, many may have thought white Christians would realize that the president isn’t the kind of leader the country needs. We’ve read a number of his tweets in which he’s come out as a full racist and hatemonger. Consider the president sharing an unverified video of an alleged attack against a disabled man by some Muslim youth. We also know the president has been attacking NFL players who’ve been taking a knee during the national anthem to express their disapproval of police brutality.

Instead of the president doing something to address police brutality, he’s chosen to turn against the players and he has gone as far as asking for their sacking. This same president doesn’t denounce white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan that are unapologetically raining terror on American citizens.

But even in all these, Christian evangelist Franklin Graham still believes Americans should back Trump because, according to him, the president is doing a good job. Again, you see that it’s a one-sided view of the president, only considering what the president is doing towards the Christian faith. Because the president signed an executive order allowing churches to express their political leaning; because the president invites Christian leaders to the White House to pray for him; because the president says he supports the expansion of the rights of Christians, someone like Graham believes Trump is genuinely fighting for the good of all Americans.

In a recent tweet, the televangelist said, “Never in my lifetime have we had a @Potus willing to take such a strong outspoken stand for the Christian faith like @realDonaldTrump. We need to get behind him with our prayers.”

That tweet attracted the wrath of the Twitter community. Some asked Graham whether he remembers presidents Jimmy Carter and George Bush, president’s who stood for Christianity to levels Trump isn’t about to get to. But then again, is American presidency just about supporting Christians? Isn’t the president also supposed to work to better the lives of the poor, enhance reconciliation, better international relations, protect minorities and set the stage for economic development? If the president lacks all these and only talks about fighting for Christians, a group that has clearly failed to play their spiritual role, should such a president be considered good?

Your guess is on point!