Fun Easter Activities for Adults Because Fun Isn’t Just for Kids

Couple with Easter eggs in the basket.

By Angela Wills

The ham has been baked, the baskets are filled with bright candies and beautiful bunnies, and the eggs have been dyed and ready to be hidden away. Now that everything is ready for the children this Sunday, what Easter activities are in store for adults? Don’t’ forget, kids aren’t the only ones who can have fun on Easter.

The older you get, the more stressful and involved holidays seem to become. Instead of rising early and excited to see what gifts the Easter Bunny left the night before, you now have the task of dragging yourself from bed on Easter Sunday morning. You no longer get to tear through those grass-filled baskets because after all, you were the one that filled them.

Whew!! Who said growing up would be all fun and games? However, find a little comfort in knowing that as an adult, you can still have fun with adult Easter activities that will help brighten your day.

Lucky Lotto Egg Hunt – This can be an Easter egg hunt for adults, that does not necessarily have to be alcohol-related, but money related. Have everyone bring one or two plastic eggs with a scratch ticket inside, and next, hide them for people to find. It’s an inexpensive way to spread cash around, and one lucky person may win big and share the love.

Adult Egg Hunt– The key word to this one is “Adult” because the last egg to be found would be the one that contained alcohol. This is a favorite among many adults that like to have a good time on Easter evenings.

Egg Tap– This is a favorite traditional Easter game and it has considerably simple rules so everyone can play along. Everyone grabs a hard-boiled egg and goes around in a circle using their egg to try and crack the person’s egg next to you without cracking your own. The adult twist comes with giving away a bottle of wine or champagne for the person whose egg cracks last.

Brunch & Booze – If the Easter gathering will be free of any little ducklings, or children as they’re often called, gather together a few friends and throw a brunch with a hint of booze. Make a mimosa bar, martini stations and try some new brunch recipes, and bring on the egg décor. There’s no written rule that says you can’t have booze on a Sunday.