How Should Christian Parents Respond to Their Gay Child?

How should a christian parent cope with their gay child. www.allchristiannews.comReported by Nigel Boys

According to Chris Doyle, a psychotherapist who specializes in same-sëx attractions (SSA), parents are usually one of the last people to be told if their child is gay or has SSA, and their immediate reaction is usually the worst one they can possibly have for their child.

Doyle goes on to say that, possibly out of shock, parents tend to search for a way to change their child’s behavior or look for someone else to lay the blame for their offspring turning out different. He adds that this is the last way their child needs them to react and that is why in therapy, they encourage the parents to deal with the issue as a family and not totally a problem of their child.

The psychotherapist, who provides help to families through the International Healing Foundation, believes that children usually leave their parents as the last ones to tell about their gay inclinations because they know how they will react. He adds that most people who come out of the closet have known for up to 10 years that they are different from the normal and have already told everyone else who is important to them.

However, Doyle believes that some teenagers who experience SSA are not necessarily gay at first, but they are led that way by indoctrination that has permeated our society. He adds that once a teenager has an attraction for someone of the same gender, they automatically think that they are homosëxual.

The counselor believes that parents should not seek psychiatric help in an attempt to stop their child from being gay or having SSA because this is likely to make their child more determined to choose the lifestyle to which they feel they are being led. He adds that trying to change a child by force, such as threatening to throw them out of the house, can also have a negative effect on their identity.

One of the first things parents should do when they discover their child is gay or has SSA is to get themselves into therapy, according to Doyle. He adds that some marital problems can cause children to have SSA, such as their mother being more dominant than their father.

According to Doyle Christian parents should ask God for guidance on how to deal with the revelation of their child, but never pray for Him to change them, because He loves them no matter what their sëxual inclinations may be.