Gospel Artist Professor James Hall Finally Breaks His Silence On His “Inappropriate” Picture With “Another Man”

By Victor Ochieng

Social media can make you or break you, that’s why some celebrities choose not to post anything unless it’s really important and unambiguous. Even by sharing a simple opinion on a seemingly uncontroversial topic, you’re likely to face some level of backlash.

Gospel star Professor James Hall recently got his fair share of social media roasting over an Instagram photo shared by his friend. Social media went into frenzy after a picture of the recording artist surfaced on Instagram, showing him in the background with another bare-chested man in the foreground.

By just seeing the picture, a good number of people concluded that the gospel singer was in bed with the man, terming the photo inappropriate.

Was Hall really in bed with another man? Who was the man in the foreground? Who first posted the photo online?

Well, the truth coming out now is that the whole issue of Hall being in bed with another man was pure fabrication. Actually, the man in the front was none other than Bishop Jeffery Thomas, the one who reportedly took the selfie. In case you didn’t know, it’s the same bishop who posted the photo on Instagram.

After the picture generated firestorm, Bishop Thomas, a good friend of Hall, acted quickly and pulled it down; not because he was admitting guilt, but so that the whole hullabaloo could die down. Nevertheless, the Internet never forgets and that’s why the image is still circulating online.

The whole issue became so serious that several people began reaching out to Hall to ask him what was really going on. Although he may have wanted not to address the issue, he got advice to at least say something.

He took to Instagram and wrote: “Well I was gonna stay quiet on this picture thing, but since some want to tell a story, let me tell THE STORY! Me and a friend were sitting on my couch acting silly as friends DO!!!! We weren’t even the only ppl in the room. Just he and I was in the pic. When I saw the pic posted, I decided that it was inappropriate and could be misread especially for the climate we live in today. Asked for it to be taken down. Unfortunately some of the ppl I thought I was cool with decided to camera shot it and send it around. Some of you have known me for many years!!!! Never did I have to address anything. I am tonight because some of you won’t let it go. There’s nothing to talk about, But I get it. You think you have something, BUT YOU HAVE NOTHING! Those that genuinely love me, KNOW me! I got counsel from a few of the Bloggers that you all sent the pic to. They said it’s best that I address it. So I am. If you don’t know anything about it, there’s nothing to know. MUCH Love to you all. Isaiah 54:17 Shalom.”