Why Is Gospel Singer Le’Andria Johnson Making A Fuss?

By Michal Ortner

Le’Andria Johnson gained the respect of millions of viewers after appearing on BET’s “Sunday Best” program and winning. The gospel singer gave all the credit to God and shared about how this was her opportunity to change her circumstances and praise God at the same time. Now, she is being criticized for living a less-than-holy lifestyle in front of her audience.

Back in September, the Johnson posted a 10-minute video to her Periscope account that showed the gospel artist using foul language and consuming alcohol. As the negative comments and surprised responses began to pop up on her feed, Johnson replied, defending her actions.

“We have been controlled by this religious beast all of our lives. At the end of the day, there are real people out here with real issues, living in a real world and serving a real God. I am not hiding anything from y’all because I am not scared of y’all. I am not scared of anybody and I am who I am,” she wrote.

“God forgives me and allows me to be forgiven 70 times 7. His grace is sufficient and is enough for me… Which means, ‘Let the party began!’ The problem is Christians have been around fake people too long. ‘How can you judge me when you do the same thing just in private?” Johnson added.

Johnson founded a non-profit religious group Imperfect People Changing Ministries (IPC) and often preaches that people live with different imperfections that God deals with day-to-day. Though she says that she is just trying to be “real” about her own struggles, some are wondering when she is going to truly set the example for her followers.

This isn’t the first time Johnson has received bouts of criticism from other Christians and pastors. If it isn’t her bad language, there is something to be said of her choice in clothes that are not always on the modest side.

Woman of God you need to hide your cleavage, close your top something. Know who you represent and not who you want to attract? Your look versus your message is in conflict. I’m just saying,” one person commented about her dress at the BET Sunday Best celebration.

Ann Brock of The Old Black Church blog has called on everyone to pray for Johnson and received this reply.

“Pastor Tanya the church world like entertainment an that’s what Leandria is right now just entertainment. They aren’t concerned about her soul. They cheering her on like a circus act. They waiting so they can pack out the funeral when she crash n burn watch it play out I’m praying for a real intervention.”

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