Is Gospel Songstress Tamela Mann’s Looks In Line With Her Faith Or Could It Be Too Worldly?

By Victor Ochieng

When it comes to spreading the gospel, whether through music or sermons, one of the most important things is image. Like the Bible says, those who are born again are the light of the world, and, yes, that must be very evident in the manner in which they dress, walk and talk.

For many people, gospel singer Tamela Mann has for years been nothing but a great role model. From the time she started her singing and acting career, she’s always presented a humble outlook that has earned her enormous respect from many quarters.

However, there are some things worth questioning or even rebuking, whenever necessary. While this might appear way too old school to some people, the 50-year-old Mann lately appears to be way too concerned with her looks. Maybe it’s her hair; maybe it’s her stylist; but the truth of the matter is that she’s taken it to a whole new level, and that level doesn’t reflect the true image of a born again woman of God.

Mann’s hair alone says it all. It looks too flashy for a gospel singer. Well, we know of people who are in gospel music for the money, but those who are in it purely to glorify the Lord and spread the word, their image too must toe the line.

Her hair aside, Mann is also known for dressing in some tight clothes that, in a worldly fashion, show her curves. Is that Godly? Even if we have some of the cutest curves, exposing them for the world to see isn’t the way to glorify the creator, is it?

For those who’ve been following her and her facial looks, it’s obvious that she got some work done, if you get the point. Her nose and face look smaller, which is possible to achieve by visiting the experts, and it appears she did just that.

What’s the fuss about? Her fans have never complained about her face or her nose; she’s always been beautifully and wonderfully made. Why then would she go for modifications? For whom is she doing it?

Could it be that she’s had this newly depicted vibe right from the times she was singing for Kirk Franklin and his group? You never know! The truth of the matter is: There are some habits that we suppress for years and only reactivate them when we feel the time is right; maybe when we feel we’ve got nothing to lose.

This isn’t about hating or anything; it’s just about questioning the actions of a person who’s supposed to serve as a good example to the society.