Gospel Star Kirk Franklin Says Men In Failed Marriages Have Their Relationship With God Shaken

By Victor Ochieng

If you’re married and in the gospel ministry, it’s quite fundamental that you take your marriage seriously. According to gospel singer and minister Kirk Franklin, the state of your marriage influences your relationship with God.

“When men in ministry fail in their marriages, it will in no doubt affect the way they feel about God’s marriage to them…..,” the 47-year-old Imagine Me singer said in a tweet. “If they can’t trust us, they will struggle with if they can trust HIM.”

The singer, composer and entertainment executive has for years been sharing his insight on the sanctity of marriage and the challenges therein. Although he, together with his wife Tammy Franklin, has managed to remain as a unit for more than 20 years, they’ve been open about the challenges they face as a couple and how they tackle them.

The couple hasn’t shied away from mentioning that at times they’ve had to rely on counseling to remain together. Last month, Tammy shared a bit on how counseling has been instrumental in safeguarding their bond.

“I think that as a culture we kind of shy away from counseling and therapy but it’s important. It says that you love each other enough, love yourself enough to get the help that you need,” Tammy said on “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell” last month. “And so we’ve done counseling it has saved our marriage.We pray together and I’m not only his wife, but I’m his girlfriend.”

Besides therapy, Tammy also said they never forget that the foundation of their relationship is their friendship.

“When you have a girlfriend and y’all are at odds with each other it just [doesn’t] feel right, it just hurts you. But sometimes we’re not like that with our spouses,” Tammy said. “But if you have a friend in your spouse, then my heart aches when we get into it. I’m like, ‘ok I’m ready to talk through this, let’s get back.’”

Last year, Franklin shared about a serious fight they had during the early stages of their marriage and how they resolved the issue.

“Twenty years ago me and Tammy (bad grammar) had the worst fight at this very spot. Married for just a couple of months we had a fight right here as soon as we landed,” read a caption of an Instagram image of the two of them at Newark Liberty International Airport. “Being the hot-headed fool I was, I bought her a plane ticket and told her to go back home while I headed to my performance… Such a fool.”

Looking back at that incident, Franklin sees just how a single occurrence can impact negatively on a relationship.

“It hurt her like it should have….to be so easily sent away,” Franklin recalled.

To make their relationship work, and after realizing that he’d made a mistake, Franklin begged Tammy for forgiveness. And thank God, she forgave him and he never did that again!