Gruesome Reality of Fetus Disposal Exposed by Abortionist


By Michal Ortner

The Center for Medical Progress are responsible for the recently leaked footage that shows an abortionist speaking about her desperation to find a place for disposal of baby parts. Because she could not find businesses that wanted to work with her, the bodies of babies were piling up at her facility.

“I mean, it was the worst. I dreamed about how to dispose of fetal tissue,” Renee Chelian, owner of the Northland Family Planning chain in Michigan, is shown saying in the video. “I mean I was so desperate, the antis found a way to close us.”

The video was recorded at a National Abortion Federation Conference in 2014, where Chelian was actually part of a panel concerning fetal disposition. According to Chelian, Michigan abortionists were using garbage disposals out of desperation.

In her own clinic, she was concerned about how to keep her business open when she lost a contract with Stericycly, a company that disposes of fetal tissue for abortion clinics across the country. Chelian did not specify why the contract with Stericycle had been canceled. With the loss of the contract, she says that her clinic had at least 5 months worth of babies in her freezers.

“Nobody wants to talk about dead bodies. And nobody with me, I have to say,” she said. “There was a point, when Stericycle fired us, that I had 5 months of fetal tissue in my freezers. We were renting freezers to put them in. This was all I thought about.”

“I was so consumed with fetal tissue that I was ready to drive to upper Michigan to have a bonfire. And it was just trying to figure out, you know, how I wouldn’t get stopped or how far into the woods would I have to go to have this fire that nobody would see me,” she explained.

She met with representatives from a hospital to see if they could help. They met at a Dennys in order to keep people from seeing them together because they did not want to be associated with an abortion facility.

Next, Chelian consulted a crematorium, but was told that the ashes would have to be cleaned up by her clinic workers.

“And I was like, ‘I don’t know. Do they have to?’ And they were like, ‘Well, we can’t just dump them, somebody has to be responsible for them,’” Chelian said in the video, “which also made me really worried I was just gonna have to open some room somewhere where I just had bottles of ashes.”

This video, along with 10 others, is being used in the investigation of Planned Parenthood and the harvesting of baby parts. The Campaign to Stop Stericycle says that without Stericycle, the abortion industry would crash and cause Americans to view the ethical dilemma of baby disposal.