Hatchet-Wielding Attacker Praises Brutal Church Shooter


By Nigel Boys

John Russel Houser, the man who went on a rampage killing two moviegoers in July last year at a showing of “Trainwreck” in Lafayette, Louisiana, was an admirer of another killer earlier in the year, Dylann Roof.

According to records released by the Lafayette police Wednesday of the rambling writings of the 59-year-old killer, they show references to the movie and his own death. Houser took his own life by turning the gun on himself after injuring nine people.

Charisma News reported that in notebooks Houser left behind in Room 129 at a Motel 6 in Lafayette, he thanked Roof when he allegedly killed 9 members of a South Carolina church after attending Bible study with them.

It came to light after Houser’s death that while he ranted against the United States in his journals, he had also frequently ranted online against the federal government and his agreement with the ideology of white supremacists.

Writing about the alleged killer at the historically black Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) in Charleston on June 17th last year, Houser said in his journals that he thought Roof was “green but good.”

“Had Dylan (sic) Roof reached political maturity he would have seen the word is not (expletive), but liberal,” Houser wrote. “But thank you for the wake up call Dylan,” he added.

In some of the 80 photos released by police Wednesday, one of these journals was found open next to a pair of glasses on an unmade bed in the hotel room he had stayed shortly before Houser began his rampage.

Other photos depicted the room in an absolute mess with rubbish everywhere, including a box for a 40-caliber handgun, the same type Houser used in the shootings, an empty bottle of whisky and a few disguises.

Houser also claimed to have designed “a new logo for ISIS,” on a page of the journal titled, “Signs of my radicalization.”

In other pages he described what he thought about the “filth farm” called the U.S. He also wrote about the need for affirmative action to be eliminated and ranted on about “slimeballs,” abortion, pornography and homos*xuality.

However, his roughly 40 page journals doesn’t shed light as to what Houser’s attack plans might have been, or the reason he came to Lafayette from his hometown of Phoenix City, Alabama.

While Houser made references to his own death in the journals and said he would let them speak for themselves, police believe that his plans didn’t go quite how he expected on that day in July, because he intended to escape.

“Therefore I leave it all, in hopes of truth, my death all but assured,” he wrote, noting the time as 6:14 p.m. on the day of the shooting.

At 6:33 p.m., he wrote: “Trainwreck, 7:15.”