How Do You Respond When Asked “Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen to People”?

Fans of the Ladies Who Love the Lord Facebook fan page were asked how they respond when people ask them why God allows bad thing to happen to people.


Tragedy occurs everyday. Somewhere around the world someone has died and left all of their loved ones to mourn over their eternal absence. Some tragedies are worst than others, but a tragedy is still a tragedy nonetheless.

As Christians, our faith is often challenged when tragedies occur. If we’re not questioning the intent of them, someone else is. Fans subscribed to the Ladies Who Love the Lord Facebook fan page were asked about the response they offer people who question why God allows bad things to happen to people. The question acquired nearly 6,000 readers, 230 “likes,” 36 comments, and four shares. Subscribers were told they could reference scriptures from the Bible, if necessary.

The responses were vast. Some people compared hardship to the same hardship God allowed Job to face and others placed hardship on our own choices and/or circumstances. Commenter Lauren Chambers wrote: “No scriptures….. we are the only creatures that are given WILL, we will encounter many things in an imperfect world, the will gives us choices, we also are here to Glorify God through thick and thin…...” Shawtalay Prophet offered a different perspective from Chambers: “The book of Job deals with this issue. God had allowed Satan to do everything he wanted to Job except-kill him. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, may the name of the Lord be praised Job 1:21. Job did not understand why God had allowed the things he did, but he knew God was good and therefore continued to trust him. Ultimately, that should be our reaction as well.”

Why do you believe bad things happen to people?