How Spiritual Illness Can Lead to Addictions to Food, Alcohol and Other Things

sickBy Robert Stitt

When God calls you into His family and gives you a mission, satan does his best to distract you from your purpose. The easiest way to do that is to take your particular weakness and offer temptations.

For many of us, food is a temptation. Don’t worry, this is not an article on avoiding certain foods or fasting (though medical science does tell us that healthy living can aid us in living a long, productive life). No, it is the consequence that is beyond the eating that is the most dangerous. It is more dangerous than clogged arteries or high blood pressure, too. This consequence: guilt.

We know that we should eat better and we have the best intentions. But, we don’t. We intend to eat one piece, but eat the whole thing. We want to do what we know is best for our body, but we lose the fight.

Joyce Tilney, the Founder of Women of God Ministries, puts it like this, “As a Christian there is another level of this—our lifestyle has now become a tool for satan to use against us. After indulging, he heaps loads of guilt and condemnation on us. It is a continuous cycle. We promise to do better, to take care of our bodies, but then our stomach growls, sending a signal that demands immediate satisfaction” And the cycle continues.

Just as too much of the wrong food can lead to heart disease in our physical body, too much of the eating/guilt cycle can cause heart disease in our spiritual body. When the physical heart is not strong, our body can die, but beforehand, there are signs and symptoms that something is wrong. When our spiritual heart is affected there are signs and symptoms of that as well.

Tilney says that some of the signs that your spiritual body has been negatively impacted are “anxiety, fears, depression, guilt and condemnation that many times lead us into addictions to food, alcohol, tobacco, or overspending. We are always trying to hide the sin with something new.”

How was it that Job was able to overcome his temptations?

Job 23:12  “I have not departed from the commandment of His lips; I have esteemed the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.”  He treasured the Word of God! The Word of God was in His mouth.

Keep up the good fight, and when you stumble remember to stay strong and not to give into the guilt.Satan was not able to sink Job because he put God first. Follow Job’s example, stick to the word of God, and you will overcome as well.