How Two Siblings Shut School Bully Down With a Bible

school-busReported by Michal Ortner

Phoenix Walwyn was unsure of how to deal with a bully on his school bus that persisted in taunting him and his sister, Kingston. Phoenix and Kingston are the children of the Legacy Church’s pastor. Their mother also teaches at the church. She suggested that her son turn the other cheek and try sharing Christ with the bully.

Pheonix and his sister decided to give their taunter a Bible on their next school bus ride.

“We gave it to (the bully) and two minutes later when it was almost his stop to get off, he just said ‘thank you’ and (I’m) sorry for all the bad stuff (I) did to you,” Phoenix told a local news station.

Phoenix admits that when the boy called him and his sister names, he wanted to respond in anger. “It made me feel like I wanted to yell at him,” he said.

“I wanted to (say) something back to him,” Kingston said, feeling the same way as her brother.

Before the amazing resolution of the issue, the Walwyns’ mother, Kyla, shared her concerns with the administration at their school, Turner Elementary in Pasadena, TX. The principal even met with the boy that was picking on the Walwyns and gave the students assigned seating on the bus.

Despite these changes, the bullying persisted. The Walwyn family then decided to take matters into their own hands, but in a positive, Christ-like manner.

“I sat back and was like, I don’t want to have to take my shirt off and meet (the bully) at the bus stop, you know what I mean,” Vaughaligan, the father of the children, said. “So, I prayed about it and God said, you know what, let’s get this kid a Bible. Tell him Jesus loves him and invite him to church and see what happens.”

When the young boy responded positively to receiving the Bible, the Walwyn family was actually a little surprised.
“I was like, really?” Vaughaligan told reporters. “So, that kind of caught me off-guard that it worked that fast or the kid was convicted.”

Since the children’s act of compassion towards the young bully took place, there have been no further name-calling incidents.

“I don’t know, maybe (the bully) started to read the Bible at his house and found the scripture about it,” said Phoenix.

The Walwyn family are now more convinced of the power of the Gospel than ever.



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