‘I was clinging to the cross:’ Woman Survives South Carolina Flood Holding on to a Church Cross


By:  Robert C. Bess Sr.

A South Carolina woman is crediting grace and the mercy of God for her life after she and her grandson survived the raging floodwaters that recently hit the state by clinging to a cross outside a local church until they could be reached by rescuers.  Clara attempted to go to church when her car stalled from the rising waters of the floods in South Carolina.  She called 911 but no one answered.  Clara then dialed her family and her grandson Travis Catching’s set out to reach his grandmother.  Her car then began to float backwards into a field; it was at this point Clara asked, “Dear Lord, are you taking me home right now?”  Clara was quickly reassured that it was not her time to leave just yet.  Then, her grandson arrived and began to place steps into action that would save both their lives.

After leaving for church on what turned out to be anything but a routine visit, Clara Gantt found herself being rescued by her grandson but more importantly, found her faith resurrected as it rose above the flooded terrain.  When Clara prayed and asked the Lord about her fate, she states with confidence that the Lord answered in a timely manner.  You can say that he was right on time as Clara said, “Immediately I flipped over to my back and it was like he said ‘No, not right now.’”  Her grandson then arrived and used a deer harness and rope to help his grandmother out of the car and as the flood waters arose there was nowhere to go.  Then as the car continued to float they waited for help to arrive.  They floated next to a cross on the church grounds and hung onto the cross for nearly 5 hours.

At this point anyone can make a determination that either these circumstances were coincidence or Clara’s prayer was answered and this was meant to build her faith.  It appears that Clara has made her decision. “Thanking God for His mercy and power. He put my feet on higher ground. Praising Him in the storms of life,” she posted on Facebook, “Thanks to all who have prayed for me and Travis.”