“In America, there is one divorce every 13 seconds”; Focus On The Family To Spend $5M To Correct This & Other Social Ills

Reported by Nigel Boys

The launching of a new $5 million documentary film and curriculum project by Focus on the Family (FOTF) is aimed at strengthening families around the world and addressing social issues such as homelessness, gang violence and assaults.

The new initiative by FOTF is entitled “The Family Project” and the promotional video states that there is one divorce every 13 second in the United States.

News headlines of increasing divorce rates and the effect that absent fathers has on children by increasing their suicide rates, teen pregnancies and membership in gangs, is shown in through flashes in the promotional video.

President of FOTF, Jim Daly said in the video that “The Family Project” will show a documentary that shows God’s design for how families should be and it will present the biblical view of the best family structure.

Daly went on to say that when reading the daily headlines and watching the news, it is easy to become despaired. He added that Jesus told us in John 16:33 that there would be trouble in this world, but he also told us that He had overcome this world.

The film will be jointly produced by FOTF and Mpower Pictures and President of Mpower Pictures, John Shepherd, said that the family is the “basic building block of society.” He added that the aim of the film is to encourage the artists and the audience to make a positive change in their lives and their communities.

At the beginning of the promotional video, one of the news reports depicts robbery, s*xual abuse and violence as being continually on the increase and shows one woman who explains the mentality of gang members.

The woman states that in order to be a man, you should k!ll other people, join a gang and get a woman pregnant and that’s the mentality of gang members.

The video suggests that a lot of these social problems have occurred because of the lack of fathers in the home and Daly said that only God’s plan for the family can answer the mindset of gang culture.

Daly went on to say that the aim of the film is to guide people to understand why God designed the family the way that he did and they want to recast a vision for the family.

Host of “The Family Project,” Tim Sisarich said that he believes that God’s grace and truth can inspire hope to families who have no hope. He added that God is the only architect who can show us the original design He had for the family.

FOTF is hoping that the film will be in theaters in the late spring of 2014, the multimedia curriculum will be released by mid-summer and by next winter an online training program will be added.

FOTF’s website states that they plan to join with churches in order to achieve three goals:

“Truly understand the significance of God’s great plan for humanity through families, Live with purpose and an eternal perspective, and Model God’s redemptive design for family to their neighbors, peers, coworkers, and ultimately, their culture.”



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