Is Republican Donald Trump a True Christian?


By Victor Ochieng

Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump has expressly said that should he win the presidency, he will “discriminate” against Muslims. The same Trump has said several times that he’s a Christian and has, in fact, questioned other candidates’ religious beliefs.

While addressing a recent political rally in Iowa, Trump said: “I am an evangelical. I’m a Christian. I’m a Presbyterian.” In reference to Ted Cruz, he said that “not a lot of evangelicals come out of Cuba, in all fairness.”

When it comes to his professed religion, he may very well identify as Christian; however, the scriptures teach us that we know true believers by their fruits.

A look at Trump – what he says and does – gives very good reason to believe that he’s using Christianity as a platform for political mileage, or, like many, he identifies as Christian, but does not practice Christian doctrine.

Trump, in an interview, has previously said that he couldn’t recall having asked God for forgiveness since he doesn’t “bring God into that picture,” a statement he later back-pedaled on. As a true Christian, asking for forgiveness is part and parcel of living a Christian life. Biblically speaking, Christianity is more about living a life guided by the scriptures, but it appears that many Christians only care about whether someone is a self-professed Christian rather than living by the teachings of the Bible. It’s sad to see that many “Christians” are supporting Trump for the mere fact that he’s stated that he’s Christian.

Trump has advocated targeting the families of terrorists, arguing that these terrorists do care about their families regardless of what they say. That kind of policy is against justice. Why would someone vouch for harming innocent lives for crimes committed by another? Although many innocent lives are lost during war times, no progressive country or leader would intentionally target innocent citizens.

Trump is also for the idea of banning all Muslim immigrants from entering the U.S., which discriminates against all members of the faith. Instead of focusing on stringent screenings to establish who might be a threat to our nation, he’s considering a blanket ban on members of the faith. Moreover, Trump hasn’t ruled out the possibility of requiring Muslims to wear special IDs should he win the presidential race. However, you never hear Trump talk of targeting the families or members of the Christian religion when a self-professed Christian commits an act of terrorism in the name of religion.