Kim Burrell Radio Show Cancelled Following Her Rant Against Same-S*x Relationships

By Victor Ochieng

Gospel singer and preacher Kim Burrell has found herself on the receiving end after she delivered a sermon at Love & Liberty Life Church in Houston, in which she blasted members of the LGBTQ community.

A video of the sermon was posted on Twitter and it went viral, drawing the wrath of supporters of the gay community, including celebrity figures such as Pharrell Williams and Chaka Khan.

But it didn’t just end with the online backlash; Burrell’s seemingly reckless statement also cost her a spot at “The Ellen Show,” where she was to promote her “Hidden Figures” soundtrack.

Her radio show on KTSU was also cancelled.

But even with all the backlash, Burrell hasn’t come forward to tender an apology for unleashing such a scathing attack against homos*xuality.

Although most celebrities who commented on Burrell’s sermon were against her statement, it didn’t end without some support from some quarters.

Fellow preacher-cum-pastor Shirley Caesar came to Burrell’s defense, suggesting that she should’ve expressed that opinion sooner. But Caesar too received her fair share of online wrath.

Burrell clearly blamed outgoing President Barack Obama for the spread of homos*xuality within the American society. During the Obama administration, members of the LGBTQ community have gained more freedom, including the Supreme Court nod for same-s*x marriage.

After Burrell’s rant against homos*xuality went viral, Texas Southern University made an announcement that it won’t continue airing Burrell’s show, “Bringing the Gap with Kim Burrell,” a show they’ve been airing since June of last year.

“The Kim Burrell show is no longer airing as part of KTSU Radio programming,” the university said in a statement.

For a celebrity figure, supporting gaysm appears more politically correct than opposing it. Many celebrities who’ve come forward to oppose gaysm have often found themselves on the receiving end, with some of their critics even advocating for the boycott of their products and services. Some of the celebrities who’ve come forward to express their disapproval of same-sex relationships or same-sex marriage, and who’ve found themselves on the receiving end, are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Victoria Jackson, Manny Pacquiao, Denzel Washington, Mel Gobson, and, of course, U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump.

Gaysm remains a hot topic that many celebrities choose not to touch on lest they rub some of their fans the wrong way. LGBTQ activists are also always on standby to unleash their wrath against anyone who speaks ill of gaysm.