Kirk Frankin Says “swag” Is Good As Long As God is Glorified

kirk-franklinBy Michal Ortner

In a July 28 blog post entitled, “How Swagger can Help the Church,” Kirk Franklin explains just how “’swagger” can fit into the life of a modern day Christian and ultimately bring glory to God.

“Like it or not, your kids know LIL WAYNE probably more than your favorite Christian artist. As a kid we were always trying to explain what the new slang word meant to our parents, like you probably tried to explain to yours!” he writes.

Because cultural trends are always on the move, Franklin encourages believers to keep up. He gives the example of a group of young artists that caused a stir at one of their performances by throwing up a sign with their hands that represents the letter “H.” This was problematic because people in the audience did not understand the meaning.

They were innocently giving a shout out to their hometown of Houston, but many misunderstood their meaning to be gang related.

“Instead of asking questions, they just assumed the worst.  It would have been so much easier to ask what it was instead of ASSUMING what it was; something we continue to do too much to our younger generations,” Franklin states.

Franklin encourages adults to be considerate of the passions of the younger generation. Their difference in taste for music and clothing style doesn’t necessarily mean that their heart isn’t just as centered on Christ.

“Why not give this generation a chance to know their God as well? As long as He’s the God of the Bible that saves the world because He loved it, let the music play loud. Let them dance until their clothes are drenched. Let them speak with slang and swag that you may not understand, but with fruit you can’t deny,” he writes.

“If God is being glorified, if kids are still coming to church, if the Gospel has a chance of being heard by your children’s children, go ahead and throw your hands up, get your swag on,” Franklin concludes.

What do you think? Is there room for “swagger” in the church?