Is Lecrae A Sheep In Wolf Clothing?

By Victor Ochieng

We’re living in the last days; a time when all forms of ungodliness are considered cool. From vulgarities to s*xual immorality, drunkenness, and idol worship, nothing ungodly appears to scare people; all at the expense of the true gospel. One of the most hit sectors is the music industry, which now blatantly promotes unnatural acts, including and not limited to degrading of women, promoting drug use, glorifying gun violence, and swimming in ill-gotten wealth.

One of the artists known for encouraging such vices is Ty Dolla Sign. In an upright society, such an artist shouldn’t be entertained; gospel musicians, alongside church leaders, should only be seen and heard telling them off and not cheering them on. Unfortunately, gospel rapper Lecrae, who receives invitations to perform during church events, has come out in support of Ty Dolla Sign. This became particularly evident after the artist told his Twitter followers that, on Friday, he’ll be releasing a new song, “Blessed,” which is a collaboration between himself and Ty Dolla Sign.

This Ty Dolla Sign guy spits evil every time he picks up the mic. He soils the minds of his listeners with his demonic messages, which are meant to do nothing less than to destroy our beloved country; the minds of our young ones; our daughters as well as promote acts that drag a people and a community down to the ground.   If you’re a Lecrae fan who thought he was an upright man of God, sorry for the disappointment. Surely, how could light mix with darkness? How could a man of God mix comfortably with evil doers and go as far as praising their evil acts? Isn’t it this same Lecrae who’d previously told us Ty Dolla Sign is one of the best rappers alive? Really?

Something must be gravely wrong!

The state of spirituality is at Matthew 25:5. People feel that the bridegroom has delayed, and they’ve completely fallen to slumber. Nobody appears to care; pastors no longer respect the house of the Lord. It’s in our churches where women come dressed skimpily, showing their thighs and breasts, and no pastor dares to rebuke them because they’re enjoying it. It’s in the church where men are coming in their muscle shirts to scout for innocent girls to break their hearts. Our pastors are breaking families because of their s*xual immorality. And the gospel message is distorted; and the world is fast asleep, spiritually.

Yes, that’s why people like Lecrae can afford to promote a false god worshiping artists like Lauryn Hill and the vulgar Tupac on his social media timeline. Of course, he’s doing that because he knows churches won’t stop inviting him; they won’t stop buying his music because of such a “small” issue. Why? The whole world has colluded to serve Satan and not God.

Where is that one person who’s going to stand up against evil?