“Life AFTER the Down Low” Sheds Light On A Prominent Pastor’s Cover Up

By Victor Ochieng

Ingrid Ellis, whose pen name is Ingrid Michelle, holds nothing back as she dissects her life after she discovered some of the secretive things the man she married was doing. Through her memoir christened, “Life AFTER the Down Low,” Michelle shares a sad tale of how she came to learn that her beloved husband had for years been living a secret homos*xual life. As if that wasn’t enough emotional torture, she also came to learn that this very man was an accused child abuser.

That heartbreaking discovery hit her so badly; it brought her entire life into total disarray. Fortunately, she survived and is back on her feet. That’s why she had the strength to share her story, doing everything possible to give out every detail through her tell-it-all memoir. Besides sharing to help others, it’s also a good way for her to find healing, internal peace, and restoration.

It’s a book of hope; it’s a book of restoration; it’s a book of permission to feel and ask the question “WHY” even as you aspire for greater things. If you read through this memoir, you’d realize that Michelle is definitely a living testimony that there is indeed life after a very low season.

The Hinterland Gazette reports that the book is centered on the Faithful Central Bible Church S*x scandal that was kept secret for a long time by none other than Bishop Kenneth Ulmer.

The book doesn’t just end with the Bishop’s story. It also talks about other s*x scandals that were committed at a very prominent church Michelle attended and where her husband served as a youth pastor. Even though some of the names have been changed to protect the identity of the accused, the book gives a very clear account of how bad things were.

Truly, bad things happened and some people’s lives were dented forever. That’s why some people took the initiative to investigate the matter to establish the true identity of the perpetrators and they managed to unearth some. How could such things happen in the house of our LORD? Could it be that the church has just become a hideout for evildoers? Why are pastors also being caught in such acts? It’s like they don’t even feel the guilt of conscience when they lie in a holy place.

In the account of her personal discovery, Michelle says that one evening, after watching a television program, her husband sighed and revealed to her that he’d been involved in an oral s*x with one of the men who was a member of his church youth group, where he served as a youth pastor.

That marked the beginning of heart-wrecking revelations that saw Michelle’s life go down in shambles. It’s all good that she overcame and is now using her experience to give hope to others who may be in situations similar to hers.