“I Like Extremely Attractive Women,” Gospel Star Pastor Marvin Sapp Declares On TJMS

By Victor Ochieng

When gospel sensation Bishop Marvin Sapp called the Tom Joyner Morning Show, he wanted to promote his upcoming Unsung episode, but the TJMS team was keen on having him talk about his relationship status and what he was looking for in a woman.

In fact, as soon as the conversation started, the hosts quickly tried to connect the whole session to the pastor’s love life and relationships. Cornered to name the traits he’s looking for, he said he likes a “mentally challenging woman,” just like his late wife who was a college professor.

In just one line, he said: “I Like Very Smart, Mentally Challenging, Extremely Attractive Women!”

That’s not what many expected from the pastor. Everyone would’ve expected the pastor to at least say he was looking for a God fearing woman.

“Ugh! Unattractive men always want the most extremely attractive woman walking,” said one user on The Old Black Church Blog. “It’s funny that the bishop didn’t mention his desire first of seeking a Godly woman.”

The fact that he even said women and not WIFE also raised eyebrows, at least for some. Commenting on that, one user said: “He SHOULD HAVE said that he wants a very smart, mentally challenging, very attractive WIFE! WIFE is the most important word. When a man says he likes extremely attractive WOMEN, that means he’s still ‘playing the field!'”

That said, the Bishop also invited his fans to get ready for the release of his Unsung episode, which is set to go live on air on Sunday, July 16, 2017 on TV1.

Sapp said Unsung presents an opportunity for him to share about his life and let the world know about ups and downs. He believes his life can inspire others. His rise to his current position isn’t something he expected. The pastor foresaw himself serving just as a local pastor, but not a senior pastor of two congregations like he’s doing now. Moreover, he’d like to use Unsung to present his children to the public so that people can know him more.

The Bishop has gone through challenging times, his children too. For the past seven years, Sapp revealed he’s been focused on giving his children the best and had not had time to regain his life after losing his wife to cancer.

Well, now Sapp is open to dating and big projects.