Little Richard Under Attack From LGBTQ Community For Saying Their Lifestyle Isn’t Natural

By Victor Ochieng

Most anti-gaysm crusaders say homos*xuality or bis*xuality aren’t normal; that they’re unnatural. Such people argue that it has no place in a morally upright society and it’s something that can be stopped, as long as the person is willing and ready to change. Anti-LGBTQ groups say homos*xuality should not be given space in our institutions, as doing so only works to aggravate an already bad situation.

Christianity has for a long time been against gaysm. Things have, however, changed over time and now there is a crop of lukewarm Christians who believe homos*xuality is a condition that cannot be changed. They say anyone can be gay and Christian at the same time and stand the chance of entering the glorious Kingdom of God.

Little Richard has been known for his music but has also been associated with homos*xuality. For decades, Richard has had a constant struggle with his s*xuality.

Things have since changed in his life and he’s now free from the bondage of homos*xuality. Now, Richard says he’s no longer gay and that the condition is generally reversible if you put your faith in Christ Jesus. The Rock & Roll star now agrees that homos*xuality is unnatural and he’s committing himself to helping others like him to overcome.

“Anybody that comes in show business, they gon’ say you gay or straight,” he said. “God made men, men and women, women… You’ve got to live the way God wants you to live… He can save you.”

Richard’s story is a demonstration that people can indeed change. From a very young age, Richard said he always felt feminine and would wear his mother’s makeup and try out her clothes. At the age of 15, his deacon father couldn’t stand his s*xual orientation and decided to kick him out of the house.

Having such a long history of a controversial s*xual orientation is what makes Richard’s story so interesting. Because he’s a renowned figure, his statement couldn’t go without attracting reactions from different quarters.

As is expected, not everyone is happy that Richard has renounced homos*xuality. Members of the LGBTQ community have come out in their droves to condemn Richard for saying the lifestyle is unnatural. According to the LGBTQ community and their sympathizers, all that Richard has done is to give impetus to the hateful Christians among other religious freaks who insist that s*xual orientation can be changed.