Man Arrested For Harassing And Mocking Christians…Banned From Attending Church for 5 Years

By Victor Ochieng

Law enforcement officers have arrested a man accused of harassing Christians through YouTube videos.

Robert Skynner, 55, runs YouTube channel called Christian Comedy Channel, a channel dedicated to mocking Christians and Christianity. Just recently, Skynner went personal with a Christian couple, accusing them of pedophilia, and that marked the beginning of his troubles with the law.

It all began as a harmless platform that many may have considered a place for comic relief, but it turned out to be consistently annoying to some. With over 14,000 subscribers, the channel had received some notable attention for what some considered well-intentioned exposes.

Things started going haywire after Skynner started accusing a couple of pedophilia. As a result, Skynner was arraigned in court and a judge ruled that his acts amounted to harassment, reported Christianity Today. He was then sentenced to eight months behind bars and banned from ever contacting the couple.

Even though Skynner is already out of prison, a judge has extended a Criminal Behavior Order, banning him from ever making pedophilia allegations against anyone through his YouTube channel or any other social media account.

Skynner wasn’t happy with the ruling, choosing to appeal. Unfortunately, Plymouth Crown Court dismissed the appeal and, quite unexpectedly, sought for further sentencing of Skynner.

The judge further issued an order barring Skynner from attending any church over the next five years, a judgment that Skynner appeared happy with, noting he’d happily comply since he “would not be seen dead in one.” He made that comment after recorder Jonathan Barnes asked him which church he attended so that it would be added as an exemption in the barring order, at least to allow him to continue attending church service. Based on his statement, however, it’s clear he’s not interested in church after all.

What was also clear was that he was ready to stop making any further allegations against people through his social media accounts and YouTube channel. He said, “I cannot continue like this. This is destroying me. I feel I have gone as far as I can possibly go.”

Even though Skynner mocks Christians, he still believes Jesus is God. He even said he would hold a sign that reads “Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man” in front of the city’s old post office.

Although he’s been locked out of the channel, it still remains live.