Man Arrested For Murdering His Professor Girlfriend After Church

By Victor Ochieng

A man is in police custody for allegedly killing his partner. Ironically, the man and his UNC professor girlfriend were in church on Sunday and things appeared to be quite cozy between them only for the situation to take a different twist, ending up in the killing of the woman.

Dr. Jeannine Shante Skinner, 35, may not have known what was awaiting her that week. Her body was found in a Kings Parade Boulevard apartment on the 9300 block.

After conducting a preliminary analysis of the situation, the officers immediately issued an arrest warrant against Donny Lewis Franklin, Skinner’s 45-year-old domestic partner.

So far, no other suspects have been named in the murder apart from Franklin.

Police reports indicate that Franklin was Skinner’s romantic partner. Details also emerged from police records indicating that Franklin has a history of violent crimes, including domestic related abuse.

In September 2003, Franklin stood accused of assaulting a female and he pleaded guilty even as a charge of domestic violence protective violation against him was dropped, court records show.

On Saturday, the UNC family remembered Skinner, an assistant professor of gerontology and psychology in the Department of Psychological Science. Speakers eulogized her for her outstanding work at the academic institution, as well as her selfless support to the community.

Skinner was very much involved in gerontology, which is the scientific study of aging. Together with another associate, Skinner was keen on initiating a research program to establish the effect of walking as an effort to control cognitive decline in older people.

Law enforcement officers nabbed Franklin on Tuesday before slapping him with a murder charge.

Police records show that when Skinner’s body was recovered at the apartment, it was terrifyingly battered. It’s believed that Franklin and Skinner may have been involved in a domestic violence case that ended in Skinner’s murder.

Skinner was quite a lovable person and many have mourned her death with deep regrets.

No further reports about the case have been released by the authorities regarding the events that preceded the murder of Skinner, neither have any reports been shared in relation to the stage of the trial proceedings.

Cases of domestic violence have been on the rise. Unfortunately, many such cases have ended in the death of either of the partners. That’s why several experts have advised partners to stay away from any individual who has in one way or the other demonstrated any signs of violence.

May Skinner’s soul rest in peace.