Man claiming to be Jesus Attempts to kidnap Obama’s Family Dog


By Nicholas Muiruri

On Friday, police released a man from custody who wanted to kidnap President Barack Obama’s family dog. The man, who hails from North Dakota, came to Washington with the sole aim of seizing one of the dogs. The Obama’s have two pet dogs nicknamed Sunny and Bo.

Police arrested the culprit, Scott Stockert at a hotel in Washington, D.C.. While searching his truck, Secret Service agents found hundreds of bullets, a machete, shotgun and rifle. Upon further questioning, Stockert claimed to be Jesus. He also said that he was the son of the late President John F. Kennedy. He added that he made the trip from Dickinson, North Dakota to Washington where he wanted to announce his bid to run for the US presidency.

Minnesota security officials had already informed the Secret Service of Stockert’s mission to abduct one of the president’s family pets. The US first family owns two Portuguese water dogs. Originally from Portugal, the breed was a fisherman’s companion whose task was to herd fish into fishing nets or retrieve gear. They are intelligent dogs that love water and establish healthy companionship with humans.

The first family named one of the dogs Bo and the other one Sunny. Bo also bears the title “First Dog of the United States” since the family received him shortly after Barack Obama took the oath of office and became the president. No one knows which dog Stockert targeted or what he intended to do after that.

At the time of his arrest, Stockert threatened the officers handling him telling them that they were messing with the wrong person. He issued more threats in unprintable words. His release from custody came with conditions. Stockert must not go anywhere near the Capitol or the White House. Also, he must not carry any weapons.

Bo and Sunny, the first family’s dogs are famous White House attractions. Apart from being the face of holiday decorations and Christmas cards, they also greet visitors. Bo was the first of the two dogs to join the president’s family. Senator Ted Kennedy offered him as a gift in 2009 soon after President Obama assumed office.

During his campaigns for the US presidency, Obama had promised that if he got elected, he would gift his daughters with a dog. He got elected, and his daughters had their gift. Later in 2013, the Obamas added the second dog Sunny.