Man Dumps Church Because Pastor Applauds High Tithers

By Victor Ochieng

It’s a very unfortunate situation in our churches today, having the leaders focus more on money than they do on winning souls for Christ. The idea that pastors are today praising those who offer more in the church in terms of tithes and offerings is no hidden secret. The problem is that this has become such a central part of the church that the pastors have decided to neglect the spiritual hunger that most people come to quench in church. Called to be fishers of men, they are today fishers of money; using every trick in the book to pamper congregants who offer large amounts of cash as tithes.

This trend is sending many people away from Christ. It’s for this very reason that a Nigerian man announced on social media that he was dumping his church because his pastors were announcing and praising the highest tithers.

In his disclosure, the man also revealed that the senior pastor was away and that the assistant pastors were the propagators of the evil. It’s also a very sad thing to note that you have to indicate your name on your tithe card. Where is it indicated that God does not know us and therefore we have to identify who we are when giving to Him? Nigeria and many nations have come up with their own version of the gospel, with most of them opting for the gospel of money.

The lost children of God have nowhere to turn to because the church is no longer welcoming. Traditionally, the Christian faith meant loving the poor and taking care of the weak. Christianity meant preaching the blood of Jesus and winning souls for the Kingdom of God. This has however changed over the years, and today, many prosperity preachers have invaded the house of God. And as a result, they’ve pushed the children of God out of the church.

A Nigerian man on Twitter stated that, “I wonder if my pastor would stand for this BS if he was around, the fact he’s not around is the reason I’ve not been in church for 2 months.” He also added, “I dunno what these assistant pastors are doing, but my church never used to be like this.”