Man Says Church Deacons and Pastor Stabbed He and His Mother Over Money

By Staff Blogger

There are certain places that should remain sacred. There are certain people who we tend to hold in high esteem. The church, the pastor and  deacons fall into both of those categories.  A story emerging from Mobile Alabama is leaving some perplexed and shaking their heads as to how violence and criminality can seep into the realm of the Godly.

A man, Simone Moore, and his elderly mother, Agolia, reportedly loaned the New Welcome Baptist Church some money. When Moore and his mother approached church officials, including some deacons and the pastor, something went terribly wrong. In a court case, Moore is accusing the deacons of beating and stabbing him and his mother in a church office. Making matters worse, Moore claims that the church’s senior pastor also took part in the melee.

As a result, Moore and his mother are suing Pastor Darryl Riley and deacons Harvey Hunt, Edwin Woods and Kevin Davis  in Mobile County Circuit Court. According to the court documents, Moore’s mother, who is 69, was injured so badly that she needed stitches and skin grafts.

Amongst other things, the court report claims that, “The Plaintiff was attacked by Harvey Hunt a deacon of the church who charged the Plaintiff with a knife and cut the Plaintiff on plaintiff’s hand as the Plaintiff attempted to defend himself. Harvey Hutt then cut the Plaintiff on his face under the eye and forehead leaving a four inch scar above the Plaintiff’s eye. As the plaintiff was struggling with Harvey Hunt he was attacked by Pastor Darryl Riley, Deacon Earl Wood and Deacon Kelvin Davis and was striking in the face. Simone Moore was also struck in the ribs causing numerous severely bruised ribs.” The court report also goes on to outline injuries inflicted upon Agolia Moore when she tried to intervene.

To date, representatives from the church have not issued a formal response about the accusations. The Moore family seeks a jury trial and punitive damages.


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