Why Are So Many Black Pastors Supporting Sen. Jeff Sessions For U.S. Attorney General?

By Victor Ochieng

Black pastors drawn from Alabama and other states made a trip to Capitol Hill to hold a news conference on Monday in support of Sen. Jeff Session’s nomination by President-Elect Donald Trump to be the country’s next Attorney General. While it’s not bad for pastors to express their support to anyone, Black pastors doing so for a controversial white politician who’s been previously accused of discriminating against Black people is ridiculous, to say the least. To add salt to injury, Sessions has been nominated by Trump, a man who rode on hate and divisive politics to win the 2016 presidential elections.

The Frederick Douglass Foundation joined hands with Family Research Council’s Watchmen on the Wall to appeal to the senate to give a nod to Sen. Sessions to become the country’s AG.

According to Rev. Dean Nelson, Director of African-American Outreach for Family Research Council’s Watchmen on the Wall, the Senate should go ahead and confirm Sen. Sessions, saying racial accusations previously leveled against him were baseless. Instead, he said the Senator is a good person who’s consistently fought for justice.

“Americans are living in a toxic climate where the serious charge of racism is carelessly leveled against anyone with whom the left disagrees,” said Nelson. “We are here today to make it perfectly clear that this attack against Senator Jeff Sessions is baseless, and that he is more than qualified to be the next Attorney General.”

Nelson lauded Sen. Sessions, saying he’s a man who’s demonstrated respect for people from all backgrounds throughout his public service in Alabama. “He has in fact worked relentlessly on the side of desegregation and justice,” he added. “His reputation as a formidable champion for the rule of law has benefited all of the citizens he served.”

In fact, Nelson said Sen. Sessions has set a good example by punishing whites who discriminate against Black people and awarded Blacks who make progressive contributions towards the betterment of our country.

Bishop Harry Jackson too didn’t go without a word in support of Sen. Sessions, saying the senator has shown commitment to integrity.

“Let me say clearly, Senator Sessions is not a racist,” said Jackson. “Sessions helped desegregate schools in Alabama — a huge issue. Also, he got the death penalty for a KKK murderer. I think that would qualify you as someone who’s eliminating racism, not one who is perpetrating it on anyone. Also, Senator Sessions worked to bankrupt the KKK in Alabama with a $7 million judgment. It doesn’t sound like he’s on that side at all, does it?”

Watch the video here.