The Evolution of Marco Rubio’s Faith Could Cause Problems on the Campaign Trail




By Angela Wills

It seems that Marco Rubio’s complicated and unique religious journey is causing him trouble with voters.

Tuesday night before this past Thanksgiving, during a dinner at a quaint ballroom within the Holiday Inn at an airport in Des Moines, one of the 50 or more pastors who were in attendance to hear Marco Rubio, stood to ask him a question. Kenney Linhart, the leader of an area church known as The Kathedral, had read about the complicated religious background of the Florida senator and Republican presidential candidate. He wanted a direct and honest answer.

Linhart proceeded, “You’re in a room full of Christians. So you mentioned God and you mentioned the king of kings, but tell us about your experience with the Lord Jesus Christ, using that name.”

To this request, Rubio responded, “Yes, sir.”

It should be noted that Marco Rubio has what many would describe as a very perplex and unfamiliar and personal religious story of any of his campaign competitors.

In front of this audience could possibly be the prime opportunity for evasiveness, or to knit pick certain areas of his “faith journey” that would be appealing to many evangelicals.

However, Rubio took this opportunity to go into a 10-minute virtuoso that told of his faith journey, Catholicism to Mormonism back to Catholicism to what is described as a Southern Baptist Convention –affiliated megachurch, only to find his way back to Catholicism. Keep in mind that during this unusual trek, Rubio demonstrates himself to be extremely knowledgeable of the bible and passionate about his faith.

Rubio’s response was somewhat of a hit for a lack of a better word. It was closely examined and discussed in churches all around Iowa and among pastors throughout the country. Here’s a clincher, Linhart, a former supporter of Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, now supports Rubio after hearing what he needed to hear.

The main issue that most have found with Rubio is his stand or fall in regards to issues of immigration and in his speeches or debates, he does sound somewhat rehearsed. However, in regards to his religion, he displays a sincere tone and never lacks the ability to hold the attention of the audience.

Rubio trails in the national polls behind Cruz and Donald Trump.