Marvin Winans Excited About “what the Lord will speak” At Event He’s Hosting

marvin-winans-1By Michal Ortner

Bishop-elect Marvin Winans is set to host the “One Voice” convocation at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, TX. The event will be sponsored by Perfecting Church International and includes a variety of top-name guests.

On the brochure, there is a message that gives participants an idea of the theme for the week: “In the midst of economic uncertainty, we have declared, ‘It’s time to build!’ Let us rise up and build The New Perfecting Church.”

The event will take place May 18-May 23 and will be filled with worship services, speakers, and special guests.

Winans invites those in the surrounding area to come fellowship for “six glorious days on earth.”

In a promotional video, One Voice is said to give people a chance to “experience the ministry of Bishop Herman Murray” on Monday evening. Bishop Dwight McKissic will be speaking on Tuesday afternoon and Evangelist Joyce Rodgers on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday afternoon, attendees will hear a message from Forth Worth’s Darrell Blair, and in the evening, a word from Pastor Tim Dilena, who comes all the way from Brooklyn, NY.

Thursday, Pastor Larry Trice and Perfecting Church’s very own, Bishop-elect Marvin Winans will be speaking.  On the menu for Friday are Delores Winans and Pastor Jackie McCullough.

For a grand conclusion on Saturday, Pastor Donnie McClurkin will give a word alongside Sheri Jones Moffett, with worship through song.

A variety of musicians will be present to lead the Monday and Tuesday dynamic worship services, including national recording artist and Minister of Music Kathy Taylor.

Harvey Watkins Jr., lead member of the Canton Spirituals, will take the floor on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday, Sheri Jones Moffett, recording gospel musician, will lead in worship.

In the afternoons, the speakers will be giving one-hour messages called “The Hour of Power,” which the website describes as a way to “catapult you to your next spiritual dimension.”

Speakers in the evenings will be hosting Empowerment Sessions, which include topics such as The Art and Warfare of Prayer, Spiritual Gifts, Grant Writing, and the Church and Social Media.

In a personal message about the gathering, Winans writes, “I am excited about what the Lord will speak during Holy Convocation 2015. I anticipate as we gather from different nations and continents that we will return home renewed in our faith, undaunted in our vision, and resolute to perform the will of God. The Holy Spirit will speak…and we, His people will hear and will answer with ‘One Voice.’”

Those interested in giving donations or participating in the event can register for the One Voice convocation online at or can call 313.365.3787.