Meagan Good says God helped her through the leaked photo scandal a few months ago


By Nigel Boys

Actress Meagan Good certainly knows what it’s like to face difficult times in her life.  One was in 2014, when she was one of several celebrities whose nude Cloud pictures were leaked onto the Internet. But these days, the 33-year-old attempts to remain in good spirits throughout her challenges and maintains that God has a perfect plan for each and every one of us.

The Christian actress— who married 36-year-old author, film producer, preacher and senior vice president of production at Columbia Pictures DeVon Franklin in June 2012— said that she has learned several lessons from God during emotional times in her life. She added that she recently found an old photograph of herself on Instagram where she was not smiling and it reminded her of the obstacles she had overcome with His guidance.

According to the Christian Post, Good admitted that there have been many times in her life when she has become filled with disappointment, even if she knew that God was telling her that the best things in life would only happen if she made the effort.

Sharing her thoughts on Instagram, Good wrote that it’s okay if people disappoint you sometimes. She added that while you cannot control other people’s actions or behavior, you can always choose to control the “quality of person you will be, regardless of what others do.”

Remembering how God still has a plan for her during times of disappointment, Good went on to write, “But most of all, you have to remember God’s plan is perfect despite any obstacles.”

“And that even in disappointment, despite anything that has transpired, we are all Dads children. I choose to let hurtful things mature me in love, grace and forgiveness,” she added.

Stating that even though she will make many mistakes in the future, she will not forget that God has a plan for her and a final destination in her life, Good made a vow to Him in front of countless fans at the end of 2014. She wrote: “I will not allow myself to be used up so that I can be ‘full’ when God calls on me to be used,” adding the hashtag “#WeAreNoOnesSavior.”

There is nothing that she cannot do because her love for God “makes everything possible,” Good told Amsterdam News last year. She added that she is filled with joy with the blessings that God is bestowing upon her and she loves giving some of those wonderful joy-filled moments back to others.

Good said that after her nude pictures she sent to Franklin were leaked last year, it was disappointing that she and her husband received such harsh criticism from their Christian brothers and sisters when it was her husband and herself who had been violated. She continued that even though they had suffered disappointment, it was “Dads will, not ours, that will ultimately prevail,” because she trusted Him “wholeheartedly.”

Good, who began her career at the age of four and has appeared in numerous commercials, television shows, feature films and music videos, lives with Franklin in Los Angeles, California.