The Megachurch Bubble Is About To Burst: Will The American Culture Change Too?

By Victor Ochieng

This generation we live in has completely lost focus on what’s important and what isn’t.  Christians no longer debate on how to serve God best, instead, they are fighting over who commands more influence in the political arena. The fall in the Christian faith has now gone beyond just preaching the gospel of prosperity to “practical preaching.” The church has become, not the house of God, but a business investment for many selfish individuals.

The focus today is on the Gateway Church, which according to some have “the power to swing votes.” This, however, is a matter that is debatable to many who feel that the 36,000 members of the church compared to the 7 million in Texas can’t be seen as having that much influence. The Gateway Church is seen to be outdoing the other mega churches in preaching a gospel that doesn’t come close to the one written in the Bible. The church is characterized by very anti-bible ways of teaching: they support divorce; their worship is all about entertaining the Millennials and not about praising Jesus; it’s also a church where no one wears suits and the services are geared towards focusing on youths.

Many of these prosperity churches are influenced by the secular world and the demand for people who want a place to hide; a place where they can pretend to be in church without really following the biblical teachings of Christ. This is what many called a bubble world that doesn’t rebuke the evils they bring into the church; rather it promotes them. The  “secular” Christian churches have for a long time played huge roles in the political arena, and for this reason, many of those who don’t want to change from their ways join these churches.

This mix of biblical literalism, prosperity theology, conservative politics and young earth creationism are what sway many pastors to conform to secularism. And because their major interest is to collect the money and not to change the lives of the congregation for the better, they have chosen to preach money as if it’s what the scriptures expect of them.

Senior Pastor Robert Morris, who’s also part of Donald Trump’s evangelical team, preaches money in an open and very bold way. The pastor of the Gateway church repeatedly says, “….God has cursed your family, your business and your professional future. Only the tithe can transform that curse into a blessing. God really wants to bless you, but until you turn loose of that tithe it can’t happen.”

Like many “prosperity preachers,” Pastor Morris preaches tithing and money with much more passion than they ever mention the name Jesus. The question is: Will they ever be willing to change their message, especially with the dying influence of the evangelicals?