Men of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Reveal What Saved Their Lives New Film

The male cast members of “Duck Dynasty” recently opened up and revealed how they have triumphed over obstacles like drug use, rebellion and suicidal thoughts in a 30 minute film called, “I Am Second”.  Phil Robertson, the father in “Duck Dynasty” had a past which consisted of boozing, doping and repeated sexual encounters with various women.  Although most viewers are aware of Phil’s testimony and accepting Jesus as his Lord and savior; not many have heard from the other men in the family and their Christ-like conversions, reports Melissa Barnhart, a Christian Post Reporter.

Jep, the youngest brother is considered to be his mother’s favorite by his other siblings.   At 18 years of age Jep like most youngsters decided that he wanted to experience the real world and all it had to offer.  Little did Jep realize the so called “real world” had a host of people and problems that he did not understand.  During his journey, Jep met up with scoundrels who drank, used drugs and a host of other negative qualities, reports Melissa Barnhart.


After seeing Jep’s life take a turn for the worse, the family decided to intervene.  Jeff explains that the family came to him and said, “I just want you to know that we’ve come to a decision as a family, and it’s going to be either you are going to join us and follow God, or you are going to go on your own. And good luck to you in this world. So there are your two choices.”

Jep says he fell down on his knees, started crying and asked, “What took y’all so long”?

Jep’s son, Reed also opened up about his suicidal thoughts, feelings of entitlement and being unhappy with his life until a conversation with his father turned his life around.  Jep explained to his son Reed that when one commits suicide the entire family is affected for generations – wondering if they could have prevented the situation, according to the Christian Post Reporter.

What an extremely powerful and heart wrenching film! And especially inspirational during this holiday season – as it depicts the strength of an ordinary family and the healing that is available in the “power of love”.  This story brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my face as it goes to show no matter how bad an experience one has had with family members, friends, and life in general – change is always possible. God loves the entire world regardless of how much of a mess we have gotten ourselves into – “Nothing is impossible for God”.


Lillian Armstead currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Education, and a Master of Arts in Education.  She is passionate in discussing the need for progress and change in the education of our youth.  She also enjoys discussions on different religious perspectives.