Muslim Minister Louis Farrakhan Calls For Press Conference For November 16 to Send Major Message To Trump Administration

By Victor Ochieng

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is set to deliver a major message on Thursday, November 16. The Muslim minister has called a press conference at Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. Through the presser, he’s planning to send a message to President Donald J. Trump and the U.S. government.

This will mark the first time Farrakhan, National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam will be sending a direct message to Donald Trump after the 2016 presidential elections in which the Republican won the presidency despite losing the popular vote.

The media is expected to make their way to the Watergate Hotel, 2650 Virginia Avenue NW, at exactly 8:30 a.m. The conference will take place in Moretti Ballroom and will begin no later than 10:00 a.m.

Since the election of Trump, several questions have been asked about his suitability to lead the country, with several social and political issues being raised against the president’s character. His leadership, both on the international and national platform, has been brought under scrutiny with many people asserting that the president isn’t fit to lead the country.

Farrakhan’s message is expected to touch on the country’s leadership, America’s local challenges and her place on the global stage, as well as the country’s future.

At a time many people were celebrating the swearing in of President Trump, Farrakhan was among the leaders who questioned his suitability, but also pointed out that 45 was God’s messenger to lead America to World War 3.

As regards to the Black community, Farrakhan believes African-Americans have no hope in either The Democratic Party or The Republican Party, pointing out that both have neglected the community during their reigns.

“Most of you are so hurt because Queen Hillary lost,” Farrakhan said at Joe Louis Arena during the last day of the annual convention of the Nation of Islam. “And some of you have cussed me out because I didn’t vote for her. I didn’t vote for Trump. I knew both of them is the same. You ain’t going to get nothing from either one, but more deceit from Hillary, but more straight talk from Trump.”

Farrakhan said specifically that The Democratic Party has done nothing for the Black community.

“He told you, you didn’t have nothing to lose. You’ve been a Democrat all your life and don’t have a damn thing to show for it.”