How Muslims Turned President Trump’s Ridiculous Answer On Islamophobia Into Satire

By Victor Ochieng

Islamophobia is a challenge that American Muslims understand too well. Every time there is a terrorist attack in the land and it’s established that it was executed by a Muslim extremist, hate is directed at the entire Muslim community by both the political class and the online community. The same doesn’t happen when a Christian extremist perpetrates an attack.

That’s why every presidential candidate must have their own answers to Islamophobia. During last years presidential (October 9, 2016), President Donald Trump gave his answer to that question.

One lady, who identified herself as a Muslim, asked: “There are 3.3 million Muslims in the United States and I’m one of them. You’ve mentioned working with Muslim nations, but with Islamophobia on the rise, how will you help people like me deal with the consequences of being labeled as a threat to the country after the election is over?”

In his response, Trump gave a suggestion he believed would work for the Muslim community. He asked them to “report the problems when they see them.”

That answer was straight and to the point; he meant we’re all responsible; let’s all participate in making America a better place. His message to the Muslim community was that they should be reporting cases of Islamophobia whenever they see them.

That message reached the Muslim community loud and clear. So, they soon after started reporting the challenges they were facing through the hashtag #MuslimsReportStuff.

Reading through tweets bearing the hashtag, it became apparent that Muslims really have a plethora of problems to report. Yes, a lot of satirical responses to the Republican Presidential Candidate’s call.

“#MuslimsReportStuff There’s a creepy guy who won’t distance himself from another woman. Please help. #debate,” read one tweet.

Comedian Kumail Najiani wasn’t left out either, choosing to report a gem that remained unappreciated in film history. “#MuslimsReportStuff Gremlins 2 is the rare sequel that completely deconstructs the franchise. For my money, it’s better than the first,” Nanjiani wrote.

“Also my buffalo chicken sandwich did not have enough buffalo sauce. #MuslimsReportStuff,” reported another.

Nuha Krad also reported a rather “serious” issue, saying, “One time I accidentally ate pancetta bc I didn’t know it was bacon. It was delicious 😳 #MuslimsReportStuff.”

Now that Trump is president, what has his government done about these reported cases? American Muslims deserve an answer.