A Must Watch – “7 Things Singles Ought to Know” By Bishop T.D. Jakes

By Victor Ochieng

There is a lot of content out there for our singles to learn from. A lot more keeps coming in every single day, from online articles to books, from audio to video teachings. One of the latest entries is “7 Things Singles Out To Know,” a newly video authored by Potter’s House Bishop T.D. Jakes.

This is a something every single person should watch. It touches on how to make the best of singlehood; how you can refocus your life to God. Jakes underlines the importance of deepening your relationship with God, knowing that there is nothing more important than ensuring that every step of your life is guided by God’s principles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Bishop also tells singles to stay away from those who seek to control them. Those who control you, Bishop Jakes says, would end up stifling your personality. Should that happen, you’re likely to live another person’s life.

When it comes to marriage, the Bishop categorically teaches singles to respect its sanctity. Singles should fully understand what marriage is about and its place in God’s purpose for the Earth. This would work to prepare them ahead of getting married.

The other thing that most singles don’t consider is budgeting. In most cases, single people are only answerable to themselves, a factor that makes them not to put so much emphasis on personal budgets. However, the Bishop is saying that regardless of whether you’re answerable to someone else or not, you must first be answerable to yourself. This is by making proper budgets and living strictly within your means. Living within your means will make it possible for you to spare something at the end of the month for your personal savings even as you work to secure your financial future.

Another key thing that we cannot conclude without touching on is personal interests and things you get involved in as a person. As a single, Bishop Jakes is advising you to develop an interest in more than just work, church, home, and school. Expand your boundaries, get to meet new people and learn new things as these too are key to your personal development.

Admittedly, being single is quite a challenge, especially for those who’re born again and committed to living the life of Christ. When living single, there are several temptations that come your way, requiring serious spiritual intervention.

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