Nashville Statement – A ‘Christian Manifesto’ On Human S*xuality Brings Heated Reaction

By Victor Ochieng

Now the world has reached a point when good is objected and evil is embraced. Those who speak out in defense of the truth are attacked and silenced, while evil doors seem to be pampered and protected even by law. This state of affairs has been propelled by the church’s lack of responsibility. The church has let go of biblical teachings in order to conform to the world’s standards. It’s therefore very encouraging to see some spiritual leaders finally stepping in the gap and defending the true gospel of Christ Jesus.

A nationwide coalition that consists of more than 150 conservative Christian leaders signed a statement affirming their beliefs on human s*xuality. The statement spoke of marriage being an institution of one man and one woman and categorizing homos*xuality as sinful. The statement uses the Bible as backing for disapproving “homos*xual immorality” according to true Christianity.

Many of those who agree with homos*xuality strongly came against the signed statement calling it all manner of names. Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, who as a councilwoman officiated some of the city’s first same-s*x marriages when they became legal in Tennessee, said in a statement that the statement was poorly named.

Another person who openly refuted the statement is Pastor Brandan of Mission Gathering Christian Church. He said, “When your theology breeds death, your theology is not of God,” calling the statement an affront to God’s creative design.

This is, however, a very good move towards reconciliation with biblical teachings that rebuke modern gospel. Today, every religious leader seems to have modified their message in order to fit into the modern culture of perfected immorality. This corrupted state of things has led to the springing up of gay church leaders and the decrease in the influence the traditional church had in the earlier days.

Christian author Jen Hatmaker, who is known to have come out in support of same-s*x marriage, also had something to say about the statement that was signed early Tuesday. She tweeted, “If the fruit of doctrine regularly & consistently creates shame, self-harm, suicide, & broken hearts, families, & churches, we should listen.”

She also called the timing of the statement callous, pointing that August was the month when the Unite the Right white supremacists’ rally in Charlottesville was to take place. Her books were removed from the Southern Baptist Convention’s LifeWay Christian Stores after her open declaration in support of gay marriages.