Nigerian Pastor Believes Forced Pregnancy Gives Cause To Abort Fetus

By Nigel Boys

Although most of the world’s Christian disciplines and organizations believe that taking the innocent life of an unborn child is morally wrong, a pastor in Nigeria believes that it would be right to ab0rt a child that was the product of a woman being forced into intercourse.

Chris Oyakhilome, who is pastor of the multinational Christ Embassy International Church in Lagos, Nigeria, believes that it would be unfair for a woman who had been r@ped and became pregnant to then be forced to carry that unborn child to term. He also believes that there is nothing against what he suggests in the Bible and therefore would not be going against the law of God.

Apparently, during a question and answer session this month about Biblical principles at his church, Oyakhilome said that the Bible does not mention anything about it being compulsory for a woman who is forced into intercourse to continue to have that child.

However, since the Nigerian pastor’s comments have gotten around, an online debate about his teaching has popped up on Facebook. There are those who are in favor of his statement airing their views and support, and those sternly against, giving their verdict on his teachings.

One commenter from Nigeria, Fred Otone Olomuro, said that the Bible is absolutely clear on the point of taking a human life. He added that, no matter how you try and justify that murder by calling it a termination in the womb, it still doesn’t hide the fact that it is the taking of another human being’s life which is condemned by society and the Bible.

One commenter in support of Oyakhilome wrote that people who have not been r@ped should be quiet on the subject because they knew nothing about it. Another wrote that they agreed with the Nigerian pastor that to be forced to keep a baby that was produced through force, was a morally repugnant act.

In Nigeria, the only time it is permitted by law for a woman to have an abortion, is if her life is in danger and the country is the second most religious country in the world, just behind Ghana, according to the “Religion and Atheism Index” poll from WIN-Gallup International.

However, over 760,000 illegal pregnancy terminations are performed each year in Nigeria which results in the deaths of most of the women, according to the Guttmacher Institute.