It’s Official; It’s Over Between Brandy And Sir The Baptist

By Victor Ochieng

Rumors have been doing rounds that Brandy and her sweetheart Sir The Baptist are having troubles in their relationship, some of which even leaked on social media. It appears like things escalated to the extent that their relationship isn’t just on the rocks, but is officially kaput.

Talks of some differences started surfacing in bits, but there were no confirmations about what was really going on in the relationship. Then it got to a point where Brandy took to social media and posted a message talking about “not losing something you never had.”

“F*** outta here!!!” wrote Brandy. “Don’t ever let nobody threatening [sic] you. Call their f***king #bluff.”

Social media users then started asking questions, with some sending messages to Sir asking him about the state of his relationship with Brandy.

It appears Sir didn’t like all the questions and barrage that came his way. So, his ensuing post tried to tell these users exactly what to do. “I don’t know where Brandy at fam, she’s at home somewhere,” said Sir on Instagram Live. “We good, you don’t have to ask about Brandy every time.”

Sir The Baptist was being economical with the truth when he failed to cite the main reason why Brandy called it quits. According to reliable sources, the songstress decided to take the bold step after she discovered that Sir was keeping some serious secrets. The sources have authoritatively revealed that Sir has two kids and a baby mama whom Brandy hadn’t known about, something that got her agitated when she found out.

Brandy may have well thought that all these may be thrown to her face at some point and so she had to take precautionary measure. She may have asked how it happened that both the children and the baby’s mama were all present at the ESSENCE Music Festival, where both Brandy and Sir were also in attendance.

An Instagram post by Bossip read, “He knows where @4everBrandy is! She bounced because she found out about @sirthebaptist baby mama and kids.”

Now, some social media users feel the relationship was given too much publicity even before it left the ground. As soon as the two started dating, pictures started surfacing online, showing the two sharing good times. It’s becoming over the more clearer that the relationship was all based on lies and therefore wasn’t worth the media attention it got.

“That’s what happens when you take your relationship public before it has a chance to get off the ground… y’all love posting “bae” and fronting for the gram the minute you’re in a relationship,” said one Gossip user.

“O-Kay! She got exactly what she deserved,” said another user. “All her fans tried to warn her that Sir the B wasn’t ish. Dummy.” And what did she do in return? “Cuss them out!” added another.