OMG! Why Was Tupac’s ‘Hail Mary’s’ Lyrics Used At A Catholic Church?

By Victor Ochieng

Depending on your sense of humor, what happened to a Catholic church in Sri Lanka can either make you laugh or break your heart. OMG! How could that happen? How can a church put gangsta lines in its fliers?

A Catholic Church reportedly gave out 1000’s of fliers ahead of a Catholic festival without realizing that the “hymn” contained therein was nothing but Tupac’s “Hail Mary” rap song lyrics. We can say it was a mistake, yes, but how could something like that escape the attention of everyone involved in the production of the materials – content developer, typesetter, printer, and distributor?

You know, this is one of those rare things you look at and get a feeling that it was sabotage. More like someone intentionally did that to piss someone or some people off. Or, maybe, the festival organizers had far too much too chew and, therefore, didn’t have time to keenly go through the content.

It appears like someone just went to Google and typed “Hail Mary” lyrics. And Tupac, being the famous figure he was/is, and having his own version of “Hail Mary,” popped up. And without bothering to read the content, the person just selected the content and pasted it in the flier design.

Whatever the case, whoever made that mistake should see a ‘doc.’ He or she must know the error has brought ridicule to a reputable religious body.

Reports state that the “Hail Mary” hymnal was to be used in a flier for the Catholic 2016 Joy to the World Festival, and they were expecting to rejoice with traditional Catholic Church lyrics such as “blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.”

Unfortunately, parishioners got a rare shock after the programs were handed over to them only to realize it had unfamiliar phrases, including, “’I ain’t a killer but don’t push me, revenge is like the sweetest joy, Next to gettin’ p***y.”

An actual snapshot of the program was uploaded on Twitter by Sri Lanka journalist Jithendra Antonio. It just didn’t end with Antonio tweeting the image; he ensured that he tagged Pope Francis and CNN. If the pontiff saw it, it must have been a big Christmas embarrassment.

Tupac’s and Catholic’s versions of “Hail Mary” are totally different. The Catholic’s version is inspired by the gospel of Luke, while Tupac’s was inspired by gangsta lifestyle, gun violence, drug dealing, sexual immorality and the afterlife.