OMG! Woman Found Holding Her Bloodied Eyeballs Outside Church

By Victor Ochieng

Why would someone decide to gouge out his or her own eyes? This is the question on the lips of many residents of South Carolina.

Members of the South Main Chapel and Recovery Center were shocked on Tuesday when a woman in her 20’s or late teens was found holding her own bloody eyeballs in her hands near the church.

The unidentified woman has been hospitalized in South Carolina and she’s in stable condition. She gouged both of her eyes near the church in what seemed to have been an intentional act.

Elizabeth Hiott, a worker at the church, heard some screams outside the church and when she responded, she realized it was someone telling her to call 911.

“It was across the street, and I could see blood, and could hear her screaming, and I realized something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong,” Hiott said.

She looked across and saw the woman with her eyeballs in her hand. At that time, other people had also arrived at the scene.

“I immediately called 911 and it almost felt like the 911 dispatcher didn’t even believe me. That’s how crazy it was.” The officer at the station could not easily believe what Hiott had told them, but they had to come, anyway.

“When I got close enough and they were able to get her stabilized and on a stretcher, I realized then that it was terrible and that she had done something that’s going to traumatize her life forever,” Hiott said. She added that she had seen the woman at church before, but she was not a regular attendee.

The Deputies who examined the woman said her injuries were self-inflicted, and the woman was a bit violent and had to be restrained when they arrived.

Reverend Terry Mitchell of the South Main Chapel and Recovery Center said that the woman appeared to have hurt herself intentionally on the railroad tracks that are near the chapel. Mitchell added that he saw the woman on her knees struggling against people who were trying to help her before the police arrived.

Lt. Bowland, who works in the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, confirmed that both eyes were removed. It was reported that after Hiott called 911, the woman ripped out the second eye while screaming.

“She didn’t injure anybody, but it took several people to subdue her enough to get her on a stretcher,” Bowland said.

The woman was airlifted by medical workers to the area hospital where she was immediately put on treatment.