Oprah Winfrey Brings Pastor A.R. Bernard On Board For Super Soul Sunday

By Victor Ochieng

Many churches in America are facing a serious decline in membership, but Christian Cultural Center is facing the opposite, being one of America’s fastest growing churches. The church is headed by ‘Power Pastor’ A.R. Bernard, who started off with an admirable career in the finance industry before opting to start a storefront church in Brooklyn, New York. It worked, considering that the church now has an amazing 47,000 active members and still counting.

This must have been one of the reasons why Television Personality Oprah Winfrey invited Bernard for the all-new episode of Super Soul Sunday, which aired on Sunday, September 10 11 AM (EST). During the episode, Winfrey spoke with Bernard about several different things that are of key importance to today’s society, including how to make faith work for you; one’s purpose in life; how going through life crisis can strengthen your and several other things.

This piece would be incomplete without touching on Bernard’s best-selling book, Four Things Women Want from a Man, which was recently released as an insight on some of the things that men should know if they’re to interrelate properly with their spouses.

It’s worth noting that Pastor Bernard deeply understands relationships, having mustered so much during his more than 40 years service as a pastor; counseling and teaching couples; not forgetting that he’s been married to his sweetheart Karen for 45 years. In the book, he shares four key things women want every man out there to know.

In a manner that’s unique to Winfrey, she went deep into these arguably four pillars, namely, maturity, decisiveness, consistency, and strength. But they also touched on other key characteristics – spirituality, peace, purpose, and faith.

It’s because of Bernard’s great service that he was invited to serve in President Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, but because of some differences with the administration, he opted out recently, being the only member of the team to have made that decision since the establishment of the board.

The pastor has great communication skills and it’s these that have endeared him to so many people, including celebrities drawn from different fields, including entertainment, sports, and government, leading Bible studies and offering prayers. There are also many celebrities who’ve attended services at his CCC church, some of these are Angela Bassett, Kim Cattrall, Robin Roberts, Alonzo Mourning, and Reuven Rivlin. Hollywood superstar Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta were quoted as saying, “A.R. Bernard has been a major influence in our lives… [helping us reach] a higher level in our relationship and spiritual growth.”

Pastor Bernard, because of his great service in the gospel industry, has been featured on CNN, NBC’s Today, CBS News, BET, The 700 Club, Fox News Channel and MSNBC.