Pastor Arrested for Eloping with a Married Woman

Can a married person elope and get married again?  Apparently a pastor in Uganda thinks this to be possible.  Pastor Amos Betungula of Reconciling Gospel Ministries was arrested in his home in Bunnamwaya while spending time with his new bride, Peace Kiconco.

Kiconco’s husband, Reuben Mwebesa, said that the two were married at an Adventist Church in 2009 and have two children together.  But this is disputed by the woman and her new husband, who thought they could move on without focusing so much on the past.  The woman’s husband says that she started attending the pastor’s church six months ago and that she grew distant and disrespectful over time after attending night prayers with him.

“We are wedded in holy matrimony but she started praying with born again Christians and I got wind of news that a pastor there wanted to marry her so I investigated until I got the truth,” Mwebesa told Bukedde newspaper.

The woman’s first husband also says that his wife told him that the pastor had secured a place for her to live near the church and would tutor her to become a pastor herself.  That’s when she packed up and left their home.   The pastor is sticking by his new bride, however, stating that the woman informed him that she wasn’t married.  He also said that he intends to marry her again at some point.

Oh, by the way, the woman also told her first husband that one of the kids in the house doesn’t belong to him.  And we think that Basketball Wives has a lot of drama!