Pastor Arrested on His Way Out of the Country After Death of His Wife

A pastor was arrested on his way out of the country in the death of his wife.  The pastor, from Homewood, Alabama, was on his way to Germany for what he alleged was going to be a mission trip.   But police think that he might have been seeking to flee the authorities.

Rev. Richard Shahan, a 53-year old man, is being held without bond by the Davidson County Sheriffs department.  He was charged with being a “fugitive from justice,” among other things.

The pastor’s wife, Karen Louise Shahan, died in July in the family’s home.   Police won’t say how she died, but claims that the woman was stabbed.   There also appears to have been a struggle in her death.

Shahan was an associate pastor at First Baptist Church of Birmingham.  He was originally released without being charged, but police apparently found new evidence against him.

Police say that the man was arrested because there was a “Customs lookout” to ensure that he didn’t try to leave the country during their investigation.   The pastor was red flagged during the security screenings at Nashville International Airport.

He is set to appear before a judge on January 7th.

The pastor has been planning the trip for a while.  He also took some time away from his job at the church to focus on family after his wife’s death.